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Develop Perseverance and Grit

By having clear learning goals set by the instructor, students work towards their weekly musical objectives through daily practice. This allows students to gain confidence in their abilities and improve their sense of self-belief as they strive towards and accomplish these goals. Developing perseverance and grit are beneficial in multiple ways, such as academia and self-confidence, and can aid students inside and outside of music lessons. 

violin lessons

Improve Musicianship

Learning to play the violin improves listening skills, music-reading abilities, and coordination. Playing a string instrument attunes the ear to intonation and develops one’s sense of musicality. Paired with a focus on the importance of reading music, students form a healthy relationship between learning by ear and confidently reading music. Students’ coordination is often improved upon learning the violin, as the instrument deeply relies upon efficient coordination.

Foster Self-Expression

By developing musicality, students are able to express themselves through their music and violin. Music provides a safe and effective way for students to share their emotions with others. Additionally, performing music impacts both the audience and the students, allowing the students to form a connection with diverse people.

Violin lessons
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