55 min of Weekly Group Lessons for Young Students

fall Term 2024 begins 9/9/24!

Your Weekly piano journy starts here!

Have you dreamed of piano lessons where your child gets personalized attention while fostering a love of music together with a peer?

Our Semi-Private Piano program offers everything you dreamed of! 

With the 55 min of weekly lessons, students not only learn how to play piano with 1:1 attention but also do piano activities such as music theory, aural, improvisation and composition.

The best part is that they learn the piano with a friend who have the same interest and grow musically together.

Your child will look forward to piano class each week! 

Why Choose Semi-Piano Program?

small group size

Our semi-private format (2 students /group) enables 1-on-1 teacher interaction as well as a peer collaboration to help each child to learn and grow musically.

During the lessons, students learn new music, practice the music and receive the feedback with the home practice.

Each students have an individual full-size Yamaha Keyboard equipped with headphones. 


playing together

One of the best things about playing an instrument is playing together!

Students learn the teamwork, develop concentration by maintaining one’s own part while hearing others play, and experience the joy of making music together.

It is a great way to engage children in a social learning experience that is able to capture their concentration and motivate the practice.

diversity of piano learning

With the 55 min of weekly lessons, students not only learn how to play piano but also do piano activities such as music with their whole bodies, music theory, aural, improvisation and composition.

your child will look forward to piano class each week! 

what's included?

Frequently asked questions

Thursdays 6pm:

Thursdays 3pm: 

*We will release additional time slots in August. Please check back then!

All-Inclusive Tuition for Fall 2024 – Spring 2025 

  • 16 Classes/Fall Term & 16 Classes/Spring Term 
  • Student Lesson Books
  • Supplement Materials
  • Group Workshop Class 
  • Autumn and Spring Recital 
  • Music Binder (includes all documents needed for students)
  • Practice Challenge Incentives
  • Studio Tote Bag

 Two payment options are available:

Term payment

  • $1095/Term
  •  Two payments due August 26, 2024 (Fall Term), and January 13, 2025(Spring Term) 

Monthly Installment – AutoPay required 

  • $219/month
  • 10 monthly installments (Autopay on the 1st of each month)

If your family has space and have a budget for an acoustic piano, I encourage you to purchase the acoustic piano. If a beginning student has access to a quality acoustic piano, they will have the opportunity to develop better musicianship from the very first stage. 

Although if you’re not ready to invest acoustic piano for your child who is going to take her/his first year of piano lessons, I would recommend purchasing 88 weighted keys digital piano to start.

Digital piano can also be connected to a computer or tablet and used with educational program and music production software for songwriting or composition to enrich their piano study.

Please contact studio for keyboard recommendations. 

  • If student misses the lesson, we will send the pre-recorded video from our video library. There is no live makeup lesson provided. 
  • In the event that teacher needs to cancel due to an unforeseen circumstance such as illness we’ll notify students and parents as soon as possible through email and/or phone contact. For every cancellation made by teacher will be made up.
  • In case of inclement weather which makes travel hazardous and teaching locations closed, we offer a live Zoom lesson during the student’s regularly scheduled lesson time. 

*Tuitions are charged as a flat fee and are not lowered nor refunded for missed lessons.

55 min weekly LESSONS

With the 55 min/week of lesson time compared to traditional 30 min/week lesson time, students not only learn how to play piano but also do piano activities such as music with a whole body, music theory, aural, improvisation and composition. 

piano recital

multiple RECITALs

Have you heard about our creative multimedia recitals integrating visual arts? In the fall, we create art inspired from our musical pieces and present it when performing our music in autumn recital. In the spring, we invite our family members to join in the recital. We also do a community recital to give back to our local community.

family and community

incentive program

We have fun studio challenge such as 4-week Practice Challenge! We’re looking forward to have another fun and engaging studio challenges and event next school year!

LESSON BOOKS +piano BINDER + Practice kit

Lesson books, Piano Binder and Practice Kit are all included in our All-Inclusive-Tuition! Parents don't have to order books or pay extra cost other than tuition.


We offer several group classes such as art class and Dalcroze Eurythmics Class. Our piano program gives students not only excellence at the piano, but also provides a multi-dimensional approach to music learning to express the music, heighten listening skills and intuition, and understand music through the body.

lesson notes

Parents will receive weekly lesson notes from teacher to know what students learned during the class and how parents can help students practice at home. We're just an email away to help our student and parent to get most out of our music program.

Questions? please contact us


Each student will receive school tote bag this year!  we have two different colors that students can choose from! 

Pianoberries School Tote Bag

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School Location:

32 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 

Phone: 617-299-9583


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