Early Childhood Music Program

join the 8-week musical journey!

sound before sight

Students will be given the foundation to express their inner musician through a wide variety of fun music and movement activities.

Placing an emphasis on “Sound before Sight,” the class will immerse young students in a rich musical environment that will empower them with the skills and concepts needed for the next steps in their musical journey. 

Voice Lesson


A blend of methodologies (Music Learning Theory, Orff, Dalcroze) will inform the creative music games taught in the class, helping to nurture various movements to music (flow, speed, space, weight) while also developing other fundamental skills such as keeping a steady beat and developing an energized singing voice.


We will explore the keyboard with right/left hand recognition, high/low pitches and black /white keys, learn to play a song with patterns and improvise and create our own music! 

Introducing Early childhood music program: let's sing, Move & play piano!

"Let's Move, Sing and Play Piano with a Musical Manta Ray and Ocean Friends. 
                                                     Looking forward to meeting you all!"
Early Childhood Music Teacher
Andy Jarema
Early Childhood Music Teacher

fALL 2021

  • 8-week live online program
  • Day/Time-TBD 
  • Music Class for ages 3.5-5
  • Class Size- 2 to 4 
  • Cost: $180

Students need piano for taking the class such as acoustic piano, small keyboard or toy piano.

Early Childhood Music Program
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