Tuition and Studio Policy, Dorchester Location (22/23 School Year)


The yearly tuition is based on 32 Teaching Week in the 2022- 2023 year, which runs from September 2022 through June 2023. Tuition is prepaid as a flat fee to reserve your weekly lesson time. Monthly Installment of tuition is $179/Semi Private and $265/Private for weekly lessons. Autopay is required. 1st month will be prorated based on the date that students enrolled.

missed lesson

The student can request the pre-recorded instruction video for the self-study when they can't take the lesson in their assigned time slots. Student can also receive the feedback when they submit the practice video to the teacher. 1:1 lesson students can opt to take the remote lesson if they are sick but feel well enough to take the lesson.


One-month’s written notice from the student is required for termination of lessons. Email and/or written letter are acceptable forms of notice.

covid -19

All students and teachers are required to wear masks. Masks must fit securely on the face and be worn properly. If it becomes unsafe to learn in person due to high community spread of Covid-19, Pianoberries Music School is ready to return to interactive and engaging online learning for as long as is needed to keep everyone safe.


If your child or any household member of any age (parent, sibling, nanny/babysitter, grandparent) starts to exhibit “flu-like illnesses”, you agree to keep your child at home until a COVID-19 PCR test or Rapid test (at-home is fine) is performed for the symptomatic individual and a negative test result is obtained.

videos and pictures

During lessons and performances, school reserves the right to use video recording or take photographs of students for use in lesson demonstration, advertising materials, and studio-owned websites. Students are identified only by the first name.

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