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Pianoberries Music Studio believes in helping every student succeed, no matter their level of learning.  We are dedicated to creating an environment where students are welcomed and helped.  

tutoring service

our tutors 

Our experienced tutors are available to provide academic support remotely for small groups for the 2020-2021 School Year. Based on the grade level and group size, we can create a custom academic experience to support your school district’s remote learning plan.

  • English (Reading/Writing/Comprehension/Vocabulary)
  • Math (Elementary/Middle School/Algebra/Geometry/Calculus)
  • Student’s School Assignments
  • MCAS and other test preparations 

tutoring cost 

All tutoring, divided by grades and grouped with 3-4 students, is $25.00 per hour for each student.

All tutoring, grouped with 2 students, is $35.00 per hour for each student.

(All yearly registered Pianoberries Music Students have 20% discount)

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