4-Day Intro to Violin Camp

In this 4-day camp, students will learn the parts of the violin and the bow, how to properly hold the violin and bow, how to pizzicato, and how to play different notes on the instrument! 

Day 1: Let’s Learn the Parts of the Violin and Bow!

On this first day, the students will be introduced to the violin and bow. They will learn about the various parts of the instrument and how each part functions. They will also learn rest position and play position, how to properly hold the violin, and how to treat the instrument.

Day 3: Let’s Learn about the Bow!

On this day, the students will be introduced to the bow hold. After learning how to hold their bow, they will also learn how to use the bow in conjunction with the violin.

Day 2: Let’s Learn How to Pizzicato!

After reviewing the information that the students learned the previous day, we will focus on developing their pizzicato. They will also learn how to pluck different notes on their instrument.

Day 4: Let’s Learn a Song!

On this last day, we will focus on learning a song by using pizzicato. We will also review the various material the students have learned on the previous days.

Frequently asked questions

Our summer teaching studio is the Korean Church of Boston, 32 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA


*Due to teacher’s schedule conflict, we will be offering 2-Day Intro to Violin private lessons instead of 4-Day Camp on the week of August 16th. 

Monday, August 16- Tuesday, August 17:

(Current Availability as of July 27)  

  • 1pm- 1:30pm 
  • 1:30pm -2pm 
  • 2pm- 2:30pm 
  • 2:30pm-3pm 

The cost of 2-day Intro to Violin Private lessons is $55.

Lesson Book is included. 



The cost of 4-day Intro to Violin Camp is $109. Lesson Book and materials are included. 

Renting is the good option, especially for young students who start on smaller sized instruments and it allows you to easily trade-in and size-up violins. To rent or buy the instrument, please visit https://www.johnsonstring.com

 You can signup for our private violin lessons in the the 21-22 school year. Our available slots will be posted shortly.  

We require all students and teachers to wear masks in the studio.

All students need to wash their hands in the restroom located in the building before going to the studio. 

Questions? please contact us

welcome to our violin program!

"We welcome violinists of all levels whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced"
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