4-Day Intro to piano Camp

In this 4-day camp, students will learn the posture and rounded hands, explore high and low sound, find black-key houses, learn the rhythms and play songs with the musical animals!   

Day 1: Let’s Learn piano keys!

On this first day, the students will learn how to seat at the piano, rounded hands, finger numbers, explore high and low sounds and find two black-key houses and three black-key houses on the piano!

Day 3: Let’s Learn rhythms!

We will learn the durations! We will explore quarter notes, half notes and whole notes with rhythm games, ear training and movements. Students will also practice drawing the durations.

Day 2: Let’s Learn musical animals!

We will explore musical animals on piano keys! We will review the black-key houses and find out the animals who live in the white rooms of the black-key houses. And then, we will learn a song " Hot Cross Buns"!

Day 4: Let’s play together!

On this last day, we will play with story and create the sound. And then, we will learn to play ""Old MacDonald had a Song." as a piano ensemble!

Frequently asked questions

Our teaching studios are located in  the Korean Church of Boston, 32 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA. The group size is max 3-4 students.

Dates: December 20 – December 23 (Mon-Thur)

Time slots :

  • 3:15pm- 4:00pm 
  • 4:00pm- 4:40pm 
  • 4:45pm- 5:25pm
  • 5:30pm- 6:10pm

The cost of 4-day Intro to Piano Camp is $129. Lesson materials are included. 

*Do you have a friend/neighbor who wants to sign up together? Please mention their name when you enroll and receive $10 off for BOTH YOU AND YOUR FRIEND/NEIGHBOR! 

If your family has space and have a budget for an acoustic piano, I encourage you to purchase the acoustic piano. If a beginning student has access to a quality acoustic piano, they will have the opportunity to develop better musicianship from the very first stage. 

Although if you’re not ready to invest acoustic piano for your child who is going to take her/his first year of piano lessons, I would recommend purchasing 88 weighted keys digital piano to start. Please contact studio for keyboard recommendations. 

For more info: 

What Piano Do I Need?

We have a group piano program for 1st year piano students in Spring Term ( Feb – June). Details are coming soon. 



We require all students and teachers to wear masks in the studio.

All students need to wash their hands in the restroom located in the building before going to the studio. 

Questions? please contact us

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