Since 2017, we have been holding multimedia recitals where students create paintings inspired by the music they perform. The visualization of music into art is a powerful way for our students to connect with music. They can express their emotions and ideas more creatively, while also enhancing the overall musical experience for both themselves and their audience.

The idea of creating artworks for music came from my own experience of playing piano for the ballet. It was fascinating to see my music come to life by the dancers’ movements on the blank canvas of space. Painting is a fun and effective way for young musicians to express their music. Our students enjoy the process of delivering music, which is abstract onto the canvas. Our teachers help our students with this process by brainstorming together, discussing musical elements, helping them to express their feelings and tell their stories. 

This year, we are so grateful for the opportunity to exhibit our students’ artworks at J.P. Licks in Coolidge Corner in Brookline, MA. We hope that the people who visit J.P. Licks will enjoy our students’ interpretations of music in these artworks and even get inspired to play a musical instrument!

-Robin Cho, Director, Pianoberries Music School 


Photo: Emily & James in front of their paintings 


At Pianoberries Music School, we inspire children to grow into young musicians through engaging music lessons, expressive art integration, and confidence building performance opportunities. Join Pianoberries Community! – We are located in 32 Harvard Street Brookline, MA -Next to Pierce School & St. Mary of the Assumption School


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