What keyboard should I buy?

Making the decision of whether to get a 

piano or keyboard can be tough. 


If your family has space and have a budget for an acoustic piano, I encourage you to purchase the acoustic piano. 

If a beginning student has access to a quality acoustic piano, they will have the opportunity to develop better musicianship from the very first stage.  

Although if you’re not ready to invest acoustic piano for your child who is going to take her/his first year of piano lessons, I would recommend purchasing 

88 weighted keys keyboard to start. 


Keyboard can also be connected to a computer or tablet and used with educational program and music production software for songwriting or composition to enrich their piano study.


If you are planning to purchase a new keyboard, please type “weighted 88 keys keyboard” in your search and purchase the keyboard within that category.  If you want to have our suggestions of a specific brand and models, here are our recommendations. 


Yamaha P-45P-71 and P-125 are all recommended as the starter keyboard. You can purchase it on Amazon or Guitar Center if you want to pick it up at the store. 

P-45 and P-71 are identical. However, P-71 is Amazon-exclusive so you can purchase it slightly cheaper ($20?) if they are available in Amazon. 

P-125 has two headphone jacks and a pedal unit (sold seperately) that can be mounted on the wooden stand.  If you don’t need these, p-45 or p-71 is a way to go.


Either a wooden stand or x-shape stand is fine. For keyboard bench, I would recommend On-Stage KT7800. It is sturdy and easy to assemble and the seat is wider so two people could sit together in the household. (I once purchased the one that usually comes out with a keyboard bundle and had to return the bench because it was not sturdy enough.) You could use the chair in the house but make sure to use the chair that doesn’t have arm rests.


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