Happy Birthday!

happy birthday!

When children first learn to play the piano there is a song that they all what to learn. It’s for that day comes every year for anybody. Can you guess what song I’m talking about?
It’s the”Happy Birthday” song!
Between the children I’ve taught, there was never once a child that did not want to learn this song. So when it’s their birth month or if their birthday is near we teach them this song and even before that if children are eager to learn this song on the piano.
In one of those moments we got a surprise email from a student’s parent.
“My daughter really enjoys her piano lessons! Recently, She learned to play “Happy Birthday” and surprised her dad by playing the song for him on HIS BIRTHDAY!”
Can you imagine how surprised and happy the family was considering the child had only been taking piano lessons for about 6 months? 
Something our school always emphasize to children is that learning how to play the piano can make other people happy, and it felt really good as this student proved our words.
As the children grow they play the “Happy Birthday” song by rearranging it or in different styles. I think it’s the song that children can play every year and not get bored of.
Birthdays are very special to everybody, so I think there’s even more meaning to a song for that special day.


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