What’s in Your Piano Practice Kit?

When students come for their first piano lesson, they receive a student binder and a piano practice kit. We looked earlier at that binder, so now let’s take a look at the practice kit and see what’s inside and how best to use it! 

Your Piano Practice Kit

Colored Pencils

12 Crayola colored pencils

Paper Clips

Two small paper clips and one big paper clip

Pencil and Eraser

A piano pencil and eraser

Piano Snack

Healthy organic berry snack

Your Piano Practice Kit in Action!


colorful samples from a student's piano practice kit

Colored pencils are essential to our studio!

First, we use our colored pencil for drawing our musical dream (that we assign as homework at the very first lesson).

Next, we will use them to circle the details of the music such a dynamic markings and accidentals. Colored pencils are especially helpful to mark weak spots so we know where to focus during our practice time.

Colored pencils help us to keep track of practice time. We color a leaf or snowflake to record our daily practice. We even have a Coloring Contest where students submit their practice logs and vote for the best colored leaves and snowflakes! Earning more than 5 colored leaves or snowflakes (which is equal to 5 days of practice) qualifies a student to enter the contest!


Having a pencil and eraser is a must when we do our music theory homework and  composition homework. So why not have a fun musical set?! No one wants to be searching around for a pencil and eraser when you sit down at the piano. So, always, keep these in your kit pouch and place on top of the piano. Then, when you’re ready to do your theory and composition work, you’ll have all the tools you need. 

Piano Practice Kit contents


The handy piano clip in action!

How many times have you sat down at the piano to practice only to discover you cannot find your place in the book? You have to double check your assignment sheet, flip through the whole book, and then, finally, you find the piece you need to practice. Let me introduce you to the music clip – one of my favorite tools! You can place this at top of page as a bookmark. That way, you can find the music after one flip when you practice! This clip is also useful for the recital, so you can bookmark your recital pieces as you prepare for the performance!


Piano practice makes me hungry, how about you? So, we’ve also included an organic berry snack from Annie’s! How yummy to have a little snack after your piano practice!

Always keep the colored pencils, pencil and eraser, and music clips in your piano practice kit’s pouch. That way, you can find them easily during your practice time. But I understand this berry snack will be gone by the second lesson! Maybe you can convince your parents to replace it 🙂

piano practice kit
The piano practice kit all packaged up and ready to use

using your piano practice kit

Now you have everything you need to have a successful piano lesson experience. Piano practice can be fun, and with all these tools in your kit, we’re certain you’ll enjoy it!

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