How to understand a piece of music?

CLASSIC FM – the analysis of Sonata Form.

This is a fun diagram with Oreos to show the analysis of Sonata Form from CLASSIC FM. When we can analyze the form and structure of a certain piece, it becomes much easier to understand a piece of music.


But just with the title and composer of music, we can understand the music better and interpret our artist’s vision to play the music. When we go to concert, it’s always helpful to read about the composer and title of music from the program. When we have these informations we understand the music better. It’s same when you visit art museum you understand the paintings better when you see the artists and titles.





The title of music such as Canon, Barcarolle, Minuet etc tells you the style, form and history of composition. On example, When you see the title of Barcarolle, you know this music has a style of traditional folk song sung by Venetian gondolier and always flowing 6/8. When you see the title of Minuet written by composer in Baroque period, you know this music is written for court dance and you could interpret your imaginations to play for gracious dancers!



Chopin’s Polonaise – a Ball in Hôtel Lambert in Paris.

Even if two pieces have the same title they may still have entirely different characters – being written in different era, by different composers. For example, Let’s compare a Polonaise by Bach with a Polonaise by Chopin. Both composers use the rhythm of polish dance but the character is very different because the music were written in different era and purpose. Etude by Czerny is quite different with Etude by Burgmuller even though these two composers were in almost same period because their composition style was different.


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