What’s in Piano Student’s Binder for 2017-2018 school year?

I am almost done to make Piano Student’s Binder for 2017-2018 school year!  Our new students will have a new piano binder and our existing students will decorate their old binder with this beautiful cover designed by TeachPianoToday and replace inside to new contents during their first lesson of Fall. Is anyone curious what’s in the binder? I would like to give you a tour for some sneak peek! 

Here is new student’s binder with a beautiful My Piano Binder cover! I also included a coloring page that students can color and decorate the back cover. If students prefer they can use their own drawing to decorate the back cover.

Let’s take a look at each sections of binder! 

Our assignment sheets are in different designs for age groups except for first four weeks.  Every students have same assignment sheets for the first 4 lessons of Fall term and I would like to give you a quick introduction of our first fundraising event. We will do practice fundraising event to help our piano students to set a good practice routine from the beginning of school year as well as raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey as a recovery effort.

 We will do 4 weeks practice challenge and students who complete their practice challenge will earn $10 from the studio to send a donation to disaster relief center. Practice challenge time will vary depends on ages. Parents (or sponsors) are welcome to pledge an any amount of money as an either flat donation or donation based on practice time (e.g. $.05/minute). Assignment sheets requires parent’s signature to prove student’s practice time. I also included the pledge form made by Melody Payne Piano Studio. All the donation we earned after 4 weeks will be sent to disaster relief center. 

Students have short composition lesson every month. In Composition section, there are composition activity sheets for seasons and holidays as well as blank manuscript papers. We will also compose music for special days such as mother’s day and father’s day. 

Students from 2nd grade have music theory worksheets. Our preschool students to 1st grade students will do interactive theory activities and games with partner or group during the lesson. 

During the school year, I often bring the copy of music to add the student’s repertoire. This section is for that. Students can also add any style of music that they want to include in their repertoire such as pop, rock, world music etc.

Improvisation is the part that we are going to add for 5th grade and up this year.  We will use Forrest Kinney’s Create First method and learn how to improvise. Student will learn how to play solo improvisation during the lesson time and will explore ensemble improvisation with their piano friends in our enrichment classes. Teen students will learn how to arrange music.

Last but not least, in Studio Info section, parents can find the studio calendar, important studio dates and tips for helping student’s practice.

I can’t wait to hand this Piano Student’s Binders to my wonderful piano students!

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